And how we do it.

Through our Empower to Employ program, we meet women where they are and provide practical tools and soft skills to build a balanced foundation and sustainable financial independence allowing them to proclaim, “I AM UNSHAKEABLE.”

The program is made up of two elements: The “I AM” Series and Certified Career Coaching. Watch the video below to learn more!

The I AM Series powered by UNSHAKEABLE brings community and industry leaders together to teach participants practical business skills, to know that they are worthy, and to encourage them that their past doesn’t define them. To empower them to make choices for themselves from a place of emotional, relational, physical, financial and vocational strength.  We also encourage participants, many for the first time, to discover and explore career paths that leverage their talents and their passions regardless of their education, so they have hope to be UNSHAKEABLE in their recovery and on their journey to financial independence.

We recruit the best of the best from a variety of industries and companies nationwide for our faculty.  We will custom design the I AM Series curriculum based on the needs of the partner organizations.

Career coaching is provided to graduates of the I AM Series. Career pathing services include assessing passion and skills, scheduling job-shadowing experiences, assisting with employment applications and prepping for interviews.  We leverage existing relationships in the UNSHAKEABLE Business Alliance or solicit new businesses to add new industries based on the specific needs of our clients.