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Our Story

Who We Are

OUR MISSION:  Guiding women recovering from trauma to return to the workforce and achieve financial independence.

UNSHAKEABLE is a Nevada 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves women in recovery from homelessness, domestic violence, substance addiction and human trafficking.  UNSHAKEABLE partners with other nonprofit organizations that are providing housing and therapy.  We bring their clients our Empower to Employ program to support their return to the workforce into a sustainable career.  UNSHAKEABLE chooses not to burden its partners with the cost of the Empower to Employ Program.

The women UNSHAKEABLE serves have limited work experience or none at all, education gaps and arrest records. They struggle to gain any form of employment when they complete their rehabilitation programs, much less launch a career that will provide sustainable employment and financial independence.  Their economic vulnerability makes them susceptible to fall back into the life they worked so hard to escape.  At UNSHAKEABLE, we believe if we don’t change their economics, we don’t change their future.

Who We Serve

What We Do

The I AM Series powered by UNSHAKEABLE brings community and industry leaders together to teach participants and empower them to make choices for themselves from a place of emotional, relational, physical, financial and vocational strength.  We encourage participants, many for the first time, to discover and explore career paths that leverage their talents and their passions regardless of their education, so they will be UNSHAKEABLE in their recovery and on their journey to financial independence.


Individual career coaching is provided to graduates of the I AM Series. Career developing services include assessing passion and skills, scheduling job-shadowing experiences, assisting with employment applications and prepping for interviews.  We leverage existing relationships in the UNSHAKEABLE Business Alliance or solicit new businesses to add new industries based on the specific needs of our clients.

The UNSHAKEABLE Business Alliance is a collection of businesses who understand that our clients are working hard to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically but need help to also heal financially.  They support the mission of UNSHAKEABLE by participating in the I AM Series to speak about career opportunities in their industry, by creating job shadowing experiences to expose our clients to a typical day working in their field, and by ensuring that the applications of UNSHAKEABLE clients get a second review and with some partners, a guaranteed live interview.

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Debbie Isaacs

Founder & President

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Executive Director

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Career Coach


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More Info

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