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  • Creating a Balanced Foundation and Sustainable Financial Independence
  • “If we don’t change their economics we don’t change their future.”


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Who We Are

Who We Are

UNSHAKEABLE was born from a desire to inspire, teach and empower women in recovery from sex trafficking, prostitution, addiction and domestic abuse.  We believe these women are worthy of our time and talents.  We created the 12 week I AM Lecture Series and our Business Alliance because we firmly believe if we don’t change their economics, we don’t change their future.

UNSHAKEABLE is a 501c3 non-profit that partners with organizations that provide rescue, shelter, addiction recovery and counseling for the women. UNSHAKEABLE chooses not to burden other non-profits financially and provides its services at no cost.


UNSHAKEABLE’s focus is on the re-entry phase of the rehabilitation process. We offer critical life-skills training and partner with businesses to provide guidance on careers in their industries and to offer opportunities for employment in their organizations.

The stories are powerful. The journey is difficult. But in the end, it is the story of women transforming pain into power, reclaiming their identity, and being able to say:


What Sets Us Apart

  • UNSHAKEABLE chooses not to burden other non-profits financially and provides their services at no cost to our partner organizations. Our funding is driven by grants, private foundations and private donations.
  • UNSHAKEABLE recruits the best of the best from a variety of industries and companies.
  • UNSHAKEABLE will custom design the I AM Lecture Series based on the needs and requests of the partner organizations we serve.
  • UNSHAKEABLE recognizes how critical it is to change the women’s economics to prevent a return to their past life in the name of financial survival.  Our goal is to reduce the rate of recidivism.

Our Story

What We Do

What We Do

The I AM Lecture Series powered by UNSHAKEABLE brings inspirational community and industry leaders together to teach participants to love and value who they are and empower them to make choices for themselves from a place of strength, power and confidence. Through our customized series of interactive workshops, the women grow in the Emotional, Relational, Physical, Financial and Vocational areas of their life to help them become UNSHAKEABLE in their recovery and on their journey to financial independence.

We recruit the best of the best from a variety of industries and companies nationwide. We choose not to burden other non-profits financially and provide these classes at no cost to our partner non-profits. We will custom design the   I AM Lecture Series curriculum based on the needs of the partner organizations.

The UNSHAKEABLE Business Alliance is a collection of local businesses who support the UNSHAKEABLE mission to guide women to sustainable financial independence by…

  • Presenting information about career opportunities in their industry as part of the I AM Series.
  • Identifying or creating job opportunities in their business for UNSHAKEABLE clients after they complete the I AM Series and their particular recovery program and receive the necessary training and certifications required to work in their industry.
  • Providing UNSHAKEABLE partner non-profits with group sober social experiences to celebrate their accomplishments in the recovery process.
  • Subsidizing scholarships for UNSHAKEABLE clients seeking the required education and certification to work in their industry.
  • Making a financial contribution to support the operation of UNSHAKEABLE so we can continue to offer our services at no cost to our partner non-profits.


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