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  • If we don't change their economics we don't change their future.


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Our Story


Guiding women recovering from trauma to return to the workforce to achieve financial independence.


We meet women where they are and provide practical tools to build a balanced foundation and sustainable financial independence allowing them to proclaim, “I AM UNSHAKEABLE.”


  • We always work with a Spirit of Excellence and a Pure Heart.
  • We choose not to burden other nonprofits financially for our services.
  • Our lecturers have a Spirit of Generosity and Humility.
  • We align with businesses who demonstrate a Spirit of Grace and Compassion.

Who We Are

Who We Are

UNSHAKEABLE was born from a desire to inspire, teach and empower women in recovery from sex trafficking, substance addiction, domestic abuse and homelessness.  We believe these women are worthy of our time and talents and we want to be part of their journey to creating a new life.  We developed the 12 week I AM Series, career coaching services and our Business Alliance because we firmly believe if we don’t change their economics, we don’t change their future.

UNSHAKEABLE is a 501c3 nonprofit that partners with organizations providing rescue, shelter, addiction recovery and emotional counseling for these women. The services the women receive at shelters, safe houses and sober houses are a critical first step on their path to restoration and provide emotional healing from their trauma.  UNSHAKEABLE provides the essential next step of reentry support to ensure sustainable financial independence and to reduce the rate of recidivism.  We understand that economic instability will drive someone to do whatever they need to do to survive.

UNSHAKEABLE chooses not to burden other nonprofits financially and provides its services at no cost.

Why We Exist

The women UNSHAKEABLE serve have limited work experience or none at all, education gaps and arrest records.  They struggle to gain any form of employment when they complete their rehabilitation programs, much less launch a career that will provide sustainable employment and financial independence.  Their economic vulnerability makes them susceptible to fall back into the life they worked so hard to escape.

UNSHAKEABLE’s focus is on the reentry phase of the rehabilitation process.  The UNSHAKEABLE Business Alliance bridges this gap with companies in Nevada and allows the applications of UNSHAKEABLE clients to get a second review and with some partners, a guaranteed interview.  Our partners understand that these women are working hard to heal emotionally, spiritually and physically but need help to also heal financially.

What We Do

The I AM Series powered by UNSHAKEABLE brings community and industry leaders together to teach participants they are worth it, to love and value who they are and empower them to make choices for themselves from a place of emotional, relational, physical, financial and vocational strength.  We also encourage participants, many for the first time, to discover and explore career paths that leverage their talents and their passions regardless of their education, so they will be UNSHAKEABLE in their recovery and on their journey to financial independence.

The I AM Series is presented with a brand marketing perspective.  We recruit the best of the best from a variety of industries and companies nationwide for our faculty.  We will custom design the I AM Series curriculum based on the needs of the partner organizations.


Career coaching is provided to graduates of the I AM Series who spend 12 weeks connecting with our career coaches.  Career pathing services include assessing passion and skills, scheduling job-shadowing experiences, assisting with employment applications and prepping for interviews.  We leverage existing relationships in the UNSHAKEABLE Business Alliance or solicit new businesses to add new industries based on the specific needs of our clients.

The UNSHAKEABLE Business Alliance is a collection of businesses who support the mission of UNSHAKEABLE to create economic independence in a variety of ways.

  • Participating in the I AM Series and speaking on career opportunities in their industry.
  • Creating job shadowing experiences to expose UNSHAKEABLE clients to a typical day of working in their field.
  • Providing a point of contact in their Human Resources department for our case management team to contact to alert when an UNSHAKEABLE client applies for an open position at their company.  Partners guarantee a second review of the applications with consideration of the work our clients are doing to change their lives.
  • Providing UNSHAKEABLE partner nonprofits with group sober social experiences to celebrate their accomplishments in the recovery process.
  • Subsidizing scholarships for UNSHAKEABLE clients seeking the required education and certification to work in their industry.
  • Making a financial contribution to support the operation of UNSHAKEABLE so we can continue to offer our services at no cost to our partner nonprofits.

Who We Serve

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Celebrating Along the Journey

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